5 Dudes Golf – Putting Gate System




The idea of the Putting Gate System (PGS) evolved when the professional golfer sought the expertise and knowledge of the PGA professional who specializes in putting. Together, they immediately began working on a solution and focused their energy to create a putting aid now known as the PGS. Over a long period of time the PGS was perfected and they experienced first-hand the instant and consistent results. Knowing they were on to something, they approached the businessmen who quickly recognized the need, benefit, and potential. The 5Dudes unanimously agreed the putting aid was a winner.

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From Michael Midgette, PGA: “To me, this system is my go to when I’m struggling on the greens, and I take it with me everywhere! A mirror can be beneficial to use, but is sometimes distracting looking at your reflection when trying to improve your stroke. The fact I can work on my alignment, proper eye position, starting line, and my stroke all in one with this training aid makes it one of my favorites to practice with on the green. I can assure you that this system will improve your putting!”