Gravity Fit (Swing Kit)


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GravityFit is a revolutionary science based system of whole body exercise and rehabilitation that originated from a lifetime of research on core stability by world renowned expert Professor Carolyn Richardson.

The GravityFit system of exercise and rehabilitation was developed to target and strengthen the Gravity  muscles so you can stay fit and strong on the inside.

GravityFit strengthens the muscles you need to heal, live and perform at your peak

Simply, GravityFit training optimises the function of the deep muscles that protect and support your spine,  keep your bones and joints strong and allow efficient and powerful movements during physical activity or sport.


From Michael Midgette, PGA: “I’ve used a resistance band in my training before, but after doing some research and seeing PGA Tour Players use this device, I had to give it a shot. If you know how to use it during training, you can effectively change your swing in just one session! I choose to warm up with the Gravity Fit and use it in my practice. Their website and social media is full of content to help you use this product effectively and properly.”

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