Pinned Golf Range Finder


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Golf is expensive! No other way of looking at it. Pinned wants to give you the luxury of using the latest rangefinder technology at half the cost the ones on the market today.  Pinned’s rangefinders offer PinSeeker JOLT Vibration Technology, are accurate to within one yard and are water resistant!  We want to Improve your game without breaking the bank!

  • PinSeeker JOLT Vibration Technology
  • 6x magnification
  • Identify distances of 400 yards
  • Fast Focus System – Measuring Time= .5-1 second
  • Water resistant
  • Case Included
  • Battery Included

From Michael Midgette, PGA: “I reached out to Pinned Golf and wanted to see how their range finder worked in comparison to what’s on the market now. It does the exact same thing, Jolt Technology and all, for less than half the price! I highly recommend this product! Save strokes with accurate yardage, and save some money on your next rangefinder!”