Selfie Golf


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SelfieGOLF is the world’s most durable cell phone holder for golf. You can capture your swing, short game action, or putting stroke from down the line or face-on. Analyze, compare, and share your swing anytime and anywhere you would like! SelfieGOLF attaches to any golf bag!

FROM PGA PROFESSIONAL MICHAEL MIDGETTE: “I use the SelfieGOLF EVERY TIME I practice! Video feedback should be used in everyone’s practice session because how it FEELS can be totally different from what is REAL! I encourage my students to have one in their bag to send me videos from their practice sessions in between lessons. This gives me an even better idea of the progress we’re making and how effectively they are using what we worked on in our lessons to improve their swing and their game. I have the honor of being named “The Selfie Golf Pro” and post tips on their YouTube channel every week. Just type Selfie Golf USA in the search bar on to see all of our videos and follow @selfiegolf & on Instagram.”

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