theNavigator by Dirty Larry Golf




Works for any putter (lefties included!)

Adjustable for any lie angle / eye position

100 % Made in USA

Weighs only 1.2 oz

Lifetime access to the DLG Performance Center – submit your questions about golf and get a custom-tailored, personal response from our PGA Professional on staff in 48 hours or less!

From Michael Midgette, PGA: “The Navigator is another putting aid I like to use to give me the right feels through impact. Sometimes I get my putter face a little too released on the way through and the feedback I get when I hold my finish with the Navigator attached tells me what’s going on. So whether you have trouble getting your eyes over the ball, getting the correct feels through the stroke, or have trouble lining up to the intended target line, consistent use with this putting aid will improve your putting. This aid also helps me teach putting and the importance of alignment and stroke mechanics like no other.”